We've Imported the highest quality bongs sourced as far as Los Angeles & California. Our Bongs are innovative, iconic, highly refined flagship devices which stand out clearly from inferior alternatives. Our Signature Designed, precision crafted, visually immersive range of Bongs purify, moisturise, clean and cool smoke to provide a simple flavourful consumption experience. Please remember we don't sell cannabis seeds.

Cool Bongs

Hand-picked by our team for being cool! These Cool Bongs are some of our favorite and funky water pipes! Our cool bongs have been selected for their uniqueness, "something different appeal" and eye-catching design. We've included Artistic Designs, Novelty shapes, color-changing glass any anything we consider to be cool!
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  • ROOR

    ROOR products are made with love and precision according to your wishes. An Extensive range as well as numerous special models and brand new products.


    The cleanest, and most flavorful consumption experience available. No glues, fibers, or chemicals. The most awarded Bongs Industry-leading innovation.

  • Stündenglass

    Powered by pure fluid physics, Stündenglass is an award-winning Glass Gravity Infuser that has advanced the culture of mixology, hookah and aromatherapy.

  • PieceMaker

    Piecemaker created cute animal-shaped bongs created from silicon, most of these pipes are luminous and properly compliment the party vibe.

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Glass bongs

Glass bongs are popular for their smooth smoking experience and aesthetic looks. Glass does not alter the taste of the smoke which means that you get a purer and untainted flavor. Glass bongs are transparent, watch the smoke as it moves through the water and bong towards the mouthpiece, the visual aspect adds to the overall smoking experience. Glass Bongs are easy to clean, regular cleaning helps keep glass bongs in good condition for a fresh smoking experience.
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4-part Herb Grinders

Stage Pollen Grinders are possibly the best way to grind herbs, these grinders separate ground herb into different grades and often includes a screen for separating fine herb! The majority of our stage grinders are 4-part grinders, we offer a variety of Stage Grinder sizes also. Buy your Stage Herb Grinder from Bongs and Stuff for fast delivery and the best prices online today.
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Bongs & Stuff

We work with the award-winning Bongs producers who often use thick borosilicate glass, high-quality laboratory glassware or highest quality German Schott Glass , No glues, fibers, or chemicals producing exclusive bongs for ideal water-filtered consumption of concentrate products.

  • About Bongs

    Our goal is to provide the best of the best Bongs, to every customer at all times: the best brands, of the best quality and at the best prices. All wrapped up in a completely transparent and reliable 1st class service.

  • Our Bongs Promise

    1. Always Improving Service, Supply, and Delivery,
    2. Testing & Researching Every bongs we can
    3. Sourcing the most reliable Bongs
    4. Always pushing prices down!
  • Bongs Service Guarantee

    1. You Will Always Get Your Bongs ASAP;
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