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Heavy Duty Percolator Single Chamber Bong

Heavy Duty Percolator Single Chamber Bong

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These Heavy Dutch Percolator Bongs are created using the highest quality extra thick glass, they are clear so you can see the inbuilt percolator in action as it cools and filters the smoke. A glass downpipe with a removable glass herb bowl allows easy balanced loading and provides a pure flavour experience. The herb bowl has a cool touch handle so you don't burn your fingers during heavy usage. The percolator, base, mouthpiece, and mid-bubble of this bong are colored, we have various colors in stock please inclue a note on your order stating your preference. If you like a mean-looking display bong that delivers a smooth hit, then look no further than this Heavy Duty Percolator Single Chamber Bong

  • 36cm Medium -Tall Bong
  • Glass Percolator Bong
  • Various Bong Colors
  • Glass Herb bowl with cool handle
  • High-Quality Glass  Bong
  • Colored and Clear Glass Bong


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