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Ceramic Chess Bongs - King & Queen

Ceramic Chess Bongs - King & Queen

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A Choice of four Chess Bongs all 25cm in height with high-quality craftsmanship. Chess is a disciplined game that requires intelligence, anticipation, and skill, pick your move carefully or set up for failure. Those who love chess will love these new Chess Bongs, they look fantastic with a sophisticated paint job and detailed styling. Complete with a side-mounted down pipe and rear kick hole, these bongs are super effective for cooling smoke and producing a smoother hit. These Chess bongs are the latest ceramic bongs to be added to our collection, do not delay and buy a ceramic chess bong today!

  • Queen Chess Piece White Bong
  • Queen Chess Piece Black Bong
  • King Chess Piece White Bong
  • King Chess Piece Black Bong
  • 25cm medium-height ceramic bong
  • Kinked downpipe
  • Easy to clean bong
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