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Yoda Bong

Yoda Bong

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Yoda-type ceramic bong...Good it is to smoke with me, strong it will make you.

This Starwars themed bong is known to induce a storm of conversations and banter whenever this is passed around, a great party bong and looks great when resting on the bookshelf!  Top quality paint job and crafting this bong looks like an actual Yoda after a few hits! Featuring a down pipe mounted just above Yoda's head and a rear kick hole. Yoda bong really is perfect for parties with its grip rings on the main bong tube. 23cm tall, the Colour and appearance of this Yoda Bong may vary. Fill with water to cool and purify smoke before its delivery, this yoda bong is hardcore!

  • Yoda Ceramic Bong
  • Star wars themed Yoda Bong
  • 23cm Glazed Ceramic Bong
  • Extra Wide bong mouthpiece for big glugs
  • Small Ceramic Bong
  • Easy to clean Bong
  • Great party bong



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