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Mini Glass Percolator Wide Chamber Bong

Mini Glass Percolator Wide Chamber Bong

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This quality thickened glass mini percolator bong is 15 cm tall and 14mm wide. It features a colour tinted moth piece , percolation diffuser and top chamber. Hundreds of holes carefully etched into the glass diffuser cause the percolator effect of smaller finer bubbles which cool, cleanse and purify smoke as it passes through the bong . This Mini percolator bong is a wider style which looks great and provides a heavier hit from the increased volume of the main chamber. The glass downpipe houses an upright glass herb bowl for simple loading. 

  • Slanted neck piece
  • Tinted Mouth piece, percolator and diffuser
  • Wide Chamber Bong
  • Wide base
  • Upright loadable herb bowl
  • Glass Down pipe
  • Easy to clean and maintain


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