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Ceramic Boob Bong

Ceramic Boob Bong

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This Ceramic Boob Bong is every man's dream, well at least 95 % of men's dream to be politically correct. What a dream this is, perfectly formed, large, and pointed, this ceramic bong is fun and funky and is sure to raise eyebrows as well as the party vibration through sheer laughter and enjoyment. 15 cm Tall, this ceramic bong is described as medium-sized and features a removable down-pipe with a small herb bowl suitable for an average hit. The craftsmanship of the ceramic on this naughty bong is faultless and of pure quality. Fill with water to cleanse and purify smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. Be sure to buy your ceramic boob bong from Bongs and Stuff today.

  • Ceramic Boob Bong
  • 15cm medium-sized ceramic bong
  • Width: 75mm
  • funny and naughty design
  • removable bong downpipe
  • rear hit hole
  • flat-bottomed bong base
  • Novelty value
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