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Justin Hale Short Dumpy Acrylic Bong

Justin Hale Short Dumpy Acrylic Bong

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We are starting to think this Justin Hale Dude is one shady character, his real identity is truly hidden and the man himself is unknown, that being said Justin Hales's range of bongs is truly original, aesthetic, and authentically great! This Short Dumpy acrylic bong commonly known as the 'Squat Bong' is short and fat and packs a mean punch. This acrylic Bong is black and not see-through so you can't see the smoke before it hits you.  An original Justin Hale logo is featured just below the mouthpiece on the main bong tube. A side-mounted metal down pipe which are removable nests itself on the bong bubble. A wide base provides ample support for tabletop usage.

  • 22cm small acrylic bong
  • Justin Hale Smokeware Bong
  • Authentic Justin Hale Logo
  • Removable down pipe  - side mounted
  • Metal Herb bowl
  • Rear Kick Hole
  • Jet Black Bong


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