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Coloured Glass Bubble Base Bong

Coloured Glass Bubble Base Bong

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This colored glass bong is a 20cm tall medium-sized bong featuring a large bubble base. 1 inch above the main bubble is a colored glass section, the mouthpiece is also colored. A metal downpipe with a medium-sized bowl is mounted sideways on the main bong bubble. a rear hit hole allows for clearing the smoke from this bong. A classic and traditional shaped glass bong, this one is inexpensive, affordable, and high quality, we love it and know you will too. Buy this colored glass bong today!

  • Colored Glass Bong
  • Large dome base glass bong
  • Side-mounted downpipe
  • Rear carb hole
  • Easy to clean 
  • Classic & Traditionally shaped glass bong
  • Cheap Bong
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