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Budsy Water Bottle Bong

Budsy Water Bottle Bong

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The Budsy Bong at first glance is just an ordinary water bottle - actually its a sophisticated water bong. Precision engineered in the USA , the guys at Puffco focused on effortless set up with this stealth bong. The Budsy is equipped with a flip out mouth piece and a hidden bowl storage compartment. Budsy water bottle bong has advanced water filtration technology for a for smooth clean hit. Thanks to its simple design its easy to clean and maintain. Impact resistant bong which is fully portable, experience real world innovation and discretion with the Budsy water bottle bong.

  • 23cm Height x 9cm Width
  • Water Bottle Disguise Bong
  • Ceramic Bowl with Silicon Handle
  • Easy to clean & Maintain
  • Advanced Water Filtration Technology
  • Portable & Impact Resistant
  • Flip out mouth--piece
  • Hidden bowl storage compartment



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