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Mini Cermamic Spiritual Face Bongs

Mini Cermamic Spiritual Face Bongs

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Our Mini Face bongs are tiny and minute - just 9cm tall, you will be hard pushed to find a smaller water pipe. Each face is unique and fits nicely into the palm of your hand - Easily transportable but be warned these are very easy to lose! Skulls, angry wizards, and medieval goblins, our range of Mini Cermamic Spiritual Face Bongs is extreme, whist you cant choose which face you get, this will add to your surprise on delivery. Each mini-face bong has a top-mounted removable metal down pipe which sits on the top of the spiritual bong head. a Small metal bowl allows for one tiny hit, and a rear carb hole ensures you can pull the smoke through these bongs.

  • Assorted Small Face Bongs
  • 9cm Height Tiny Ceramic Bong
  • Spiritual medieval face designs & Styles
  • Top Mounted metal downpipe
  • Metal Bowl
  • Easy to clean bong
  • Very portable bong
  • Unique & Stylish Bong
  • Your pocket friend.





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