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Ceramic Death Rose Bong

Ceramic Death Rose Bong

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This ceramic Death Rose Bong is our old friend Mr. Death in a top hat holding a Rose, must be on a date. This ceramic bong will remind you of death every time you pick it up. 18cm height, flat bottom based with removable down pipe from Mr deaths wrist. The bong head is small but large enough for a nice hit. The paintwork on this bong is high quality, and this bong really does look the part. Rear hit hole behind Mr deaths head.

  • Ceramic Death Rose Bong
  • High-quality bong paintwork
  • Eye-opening original bong design
  • Eye Catching fun design
  • Removable downpipe
  • 18cm bong height
  • Flat-based Ceramic Bong
  • Small Bowl
  • Rear hit hole


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