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PieceMaker Kali Bong

PieceMaker Kali Bong

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The Piecemaker Kali Bong is the baby of the Piecemaker bong range, this tiny mini bong is 22cm tall and maintains all the same groovy features as its big brothers and sisters, this Kali Bong is 100% portable & easily storable. Manufactured from high-quality food-grade silicone, its unique design and styling are patented by Piecemaker. Its hit hole is ergonomic and well placed, and the mouthpiece is contour fitted, in fact, every part of this bong is designed to pure perfection.

The downpipe is unbreakable according to Piecemaker, and features Hex Tek Technology creating more bubbles and enhancing the water filtration of smoke for cooler smoother hits. Buy a portable Piecemaker Kali Bong today!

  • 22cm Small Piecemaker Kali Bong
  • A portable smaller version of the Kermit & Kirbu
  • Large stainless steel screen bowl 
  • Hexagonal, specially arranged percolator holes to cool water
  • Unbreakable bong
  • Contour mouthpiece
  • Variety of color styles
  • East to clean bong
  • Ergonomic hit hole




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