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PieceMaker Kermit

PieceMaker Kermit

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The Kermit Bong created by Piecemaker, is undoubtedly the most well-thought-out bong in the industry, every part of this bong has had some hardcore R & D. The design of this bong is iconic and a Piecemaker trademark, it's a fluorescent glow-in-the-dark pink and aqua colored bong, Piecemaker call this color Kotton Candy! 30cm Tall this medium-sized bong is break resistant and created from high-quality food-grade silicon providing smooth hits every time! A nice feature of the Kermit Bong is the "lighthouse", a smug groove in the base for your lighter to sit, reassuringly convenient! The rear carb hole sits in perfect position and is elevated from the bong housing.  A flexible unbreakable down stem is ergonomically integrated into the bong design and supports a stainless steel bowl with integrated mesh. There is a cap for the bowl allowing nice storage at the end of bong time, and another nice feature is the suction cup bong base! Buy an ergonomic Piecemaker Kermit Bong today!

  • Glow in the Dark Piecemaker Kermit Bong
  • 30cm Bong height
  • Break-resistant bong
  • Created from food-grade silicon
  • lighthouse lighter holder
  • ergonomic carb hole
  • flexible down stem
  • stainless steel bowl with integrated mesh
  • Bowl Kap 
  • Ergonomic bong mouthpiece 
  • Suction cup base


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