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Justin Hale 2 Chamber Percolator Bong

Justin Hale 2 Chamber Percolator Bong

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This 2 Chamber Bong by Justin Hale is 37mm Tall and created using borosilicate glass and the finest craftmanship possible, this 2 Chamber device is one of Justin Hales's Flagship bongs for its efficiency, hit quality, and compactness. This bong is an all-rounder heavy hitter. Having 2 chambers provides ideal filtration and cooling and no water will get near to the mouthpiece. The side-mounted down pipe is easily removable and holds a small herb bowl. As with all Justin Hale products, this has a Justin Hale authentic skull badge which is featured on the slanted mouthpiece.

  • 37cm Tall Glass Bong
  • 2 Chamber Percolator bong
  • Rear Hit Hole
  • Removable Glass Down Pipe
  • Herb Bowl
  • Suitable for Herbs
  • Justin Hale Authentic Skull Badge
  • Slanted Mouth Piece
  • Wide Base for stability


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