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Wiz Khalifa Hemp Rolling Tray by Santa Cruz Shredder

Wiz Khalifa Hemp Rolling Tray by Santa Cruz Shredder

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We are stoked to add the brand new Wiz Khalifa x Santa Cruz Shredders hemp plastic collaborative rolling trays to our lineup, especially as we have first access to these in Europe.

Wiz Khalifa x Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray features Santa Cruz Shredders' ergonomic design to ensure maximum comfort and usability. 

Like every Santa Cruz Shredder Product, they feature intelligent features & the hemp tray is made with a signature built-in lip to help make packing a stogie super efficient. 

These trays are personal size, perfect for when you're on the move, in bed, or just about anywhere that isn't windy. Moreover, they all use 100% biodegradable hemp materials, making these eco-friendly. Additionally, if you lose the tray outside it won't be harming mother nature. 

Hemp is an incredibly strong and durable material. As such hemp rolling trays from Wiz Khalifa x Santa Cruz Shredder will last for years and become a permanent fixture of your collection.

Measuring 19cm across and 14.5cm tall.

- Made from Natural Hemp
- Extremely durable and long-lasting
- Pour spout
- Size Small 7.75" x 5.75"

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