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Whirlpool Bong

Whirlpool Bong

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The main features of this 30cm Glass Bong are the double chambers for increased smoke filtration and the multiple air vents creating a smoke spiral or whirlpool within the bong. The whirlpool effect increases the distance and velocity of the smoke cooling it further for the ultimate smooth and cool hit! 

With inbuilt tripod legs, the Whirlpool bong is super stable leaving your hands free for the lighter and hit hole. Watching the smoke spiral through the bong is mesmerizing and visually stimulating for the user and guests.

The bong design features 3 clear chambers, with the first lowest chamber for water filtration. A side-mounted glass downpipe and a large herb bowl rest on this lower bowl.

  • Multiple air vents produce a Whirlpool smoke effect
  • 30cm glass bong
  • Glass Tripod legs for stability 
  • Visually Stimulating
  • Double Chamber bong
  • Side-mounted glass downpipe
  • Large Herb bowl


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