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Wave Ridder Lemon Tree Rolling Tray

Wave Ridder Lemon Tree Rolling Tray

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The Wave Rider  Rolling Tray by Lemon Life SC features the mind-blowing, wildly vibrant artwork drawn and designed by Jimbo Phillips, son of the infamous Santa Cruz Skateboard designer, Jim Phillips. 

The design features the iconic Lemon Tree logo riding the Lemon Tree wave towards the notorious lemon tree itself, where the Lemon Tree strain originates. 

The Lemon Tree rolling tray is a sturdy, supportive tray perfect for rolling your favourite flowers up or cigarettes. These Lemon Tree trays are the ideal way to complete your rolling station or to roll up on the sofa or in bed without making a mess! Not only do they look fantastic and effortlessly tie your room together, but they are also ethically produced from 100% biodegradable Bamboo fibre. 

Grab yours today, as this eye-catching design is sure to be a collectable alongside the rest of the Lemon Tree line from Lemon Life SC!

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