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Twin Bowl Double Hit Glass Bong

Twin Bowl Double Hit Glass Bong

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When one bowl is not enough, reach out for this twin-bowl double-hitter glass bong! You can load both bowls and smoke them one after the other. This is a pure glass bong with a single bubble sporting two removable glass down pipes and an angled mouthpiece. Each glass stem slots perfectly into the glass bong with no rubber seals but a plush glass-to-glass pure contact system. Fill the bong with water and smoke - watch the bubbles and smoke as it cools and purifies moving up through the bong. Available with a presentation box option also.

  • 26cm Glass Twin Bowl Bong
  • Two Glass down pipes
  • Rear carb hole
  • Glass Base
  • Single Bubble Glass Bong
  • Angled mouthpiece
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