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Tall Wide Multi Coloured Straight Pipe Acrylic Bong

Tall Wide Multi Coloured Straight Pipe Acrylic Bong

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46cm Tall, 43mm Wide This Multi-colored Bong is a monster - Tall and Wide for the hardcore - It looks great with its 3 tone color design. High-quality acrylic with a detachable mouthpiece, downpipe, and base. Water will clean and purify the smoke, watch the smoke as it travels upwards through the bong. Takes a hard pull - this one a great party piece.

  • 46cm Tall Bong - Big and daunting at first sight
  • 42mm Wide heavy hitting the bong produces large bubbles
  • 3-color bong - stylish color scheme
  • detachable mouthpiece and base
  • removable kinked downpipe with herb bowl
  • Easily Cleanable
  • Water cleans, filters and cools the smoke for smoothness
  • Retro classic bong design
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