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Small Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong

Small Straight Pipe Wide Acrylic Bong

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Small and compact, finished in twilight red...this small bong will relax you indefinitely. 9" Wide (49mm) and 23 cm Tall - Detachable mouthpiece, base & downpipe. Next Day Delivery as usual. This stylish one-hitter bong is small and elegant - produced with the highest quality thick transparent acrylic so you can watch the smoke as it bubbles, cleans, cools, and makes its way up the chamber.

  • 23cm height - short bongs, the small ones are the most dangerous
  • Clear tough acrylic of the finest grade
  • Stylish One hitter
  • Detachable Mouthpiece & base
  • Removable kinked-down pipe
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • Easily Cleanable Bong
  • Water cleans and cools the smoke
  • Portable and storable bong


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