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QUI'D 4-Part Ceramic Herb Grider

QUI'D 4-Part Ceramic Herb Grider

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These 4-part QUI'D herb grinders are Ceramic Coated - available in 6 unique colors, these herb grinders are 63mm in diameter and consist of 4 parts. These QUI'd grinders are gift boxed and include a grinder pouch, included is a cleaning brush, and a scraper tool. These Ceramic Coated grinders look and feel great! The texture to the touch is pure quality, and the colors are unique to this range of grinders. Grinding action is efficient and these grinders are fully magnetic to help keep the grinder together in one piece.

  • Gift Boxed Herb Grinder
  • Herb Grinder Travel Pouch
  • Herb Grinder Cleaning Scraper
  • 65mm Ceramic Herb Grinder
  • Choice of 6 Grinder Colours
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