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PieceMakerGear K9

PieceMakerGear K9

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This Bong looks like a blow-up sausage balloon dog - Sounds strange, but it looks great! Grab the poodle by the ears and toke until your heart's content! We're not sure why and how they came up with the design but if you love dogs, you will love this PieceMakerGear K9 bong. Don't be fooled by its novelty design, this bong is a serious piece of kit and includes Hex-tex technology to increase the volume of bubbles for additional filtration. Available in the 3 funky colors, this party piece will be the speaking point of the night!

  • Unique Baloon dog design bong
  • Bong water pipe
  • Hex Tex technology
  • Hit hole with pistol grip trigger
  • 14.5cm Wide
  • Secret compartment
  • Ergonomic mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel bowl includes cap
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