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Mini Acrylic Double Ring Multi Coloured Bong

Mini Acrylic Double Ring Multi Coloured Bong

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This small 15cm acrylic bong features high-quality multicolored 3-tone transparent acrylic. The bong is styled with two ring bubbles near the base before the main bong tube leading to the mouthpiece. Removable base and a removable down pipe that sits on the top ring bubble. A small metal bowl provides a nice hit and untainted flavor, watch the smoke as it's pulled through the double rings before it moves through the main bong tube. This small acrylic bong is fully portable, easy to clean and store, it looks pretty funky, and is very affordable too!

  • Fully portable acrylic bong
  • 15cm acrylic bong
  • Multi-colored acrylic bong
  • Double Ring Multi-coloured bong
  • metal downpipe
  • Removable base
  • Inexpensive cheap bong
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