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Medium Coloured Glass Double Bubble Bong

Medium Coloured Glass Double Bubble Bong

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This Medium Glass Coloured Bong has a glass double bubble, the first bubble is colored and transparent, whilst the second bubble and main bong tube are clear. The mouthpiece is also colored and the downpipe penetrates the bongs top clear glass bubble, with a perfectly placed kick hole in the back for clearing the smoke.  A metal herb bowl provides an untainted flavour experience and the glass base is wide and sturdy. This medium-sized double bubble bong looks the part and is very competitively priced. Don't wait, buy this Medium Coloured Glass Double Bubble Bong today!

  • Double Bubble Glass Bong
  • Colored Glass Double Bubble Bong
  • 20cm Medium Glass Bong
  • Rear Kick Hole
  • Side-mounted downpipe
  • Strudy Glass Base
  • Colored Mouthpiece
  • Colored Lower Glass Bubble


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