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Medium Coloured Glass Beaker dome Bong

Medium Coloured Glass Beaker dome Bong

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This bong has a colored bong water chamber which is almost beaker shaped, this leads to a mini dome before the main bong tube and the colored mouthpiece. Smoke this bong for smoother and filtered smoke. Complete with a metal down stem neatly fitted into the upper dome, the smoke travels through the downstem, entering the water to be cooled and filtered. A rear carb hole allows you to clear the bong chamber of smoke quickly on the final hit. Made from high-quality glass this bong delivers a clean-tasting smoke.

  • 20cm Medium height bong
  • medium glass bong
  • Rear carb hole
  • metal downstem
  • small herb chamber
  • colored bong water chamber and mouthpiece
  • Glass Bong
  • Cheap Bong

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