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MB2e Magical Butter Machine

MB2e Magical Butter Machine

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The MB2e Magical Butter Machine is a practical solution for extractions from roots, fruits and herbs. The countertop extractor allows you to infuse botanical extractions into butter, oil, tinctures and skin-care products with little labour. 

The MB2e Magical Butter Machine is a stainless steel immersion blender, programmable thermostat and heating unit which combine to make exciting fresh herbal infusions and elevate your recipes. The MB2e machine creates beautiful infusions by grinding, heating, stirring and steeping your herbal extractions at the perfect temperatures and intervals.

The MB2e Magical Butter Machine is packaged with a reusable 190-micron purify filter and a heat-resistant silicone 'magical glove' to remove all of the plant material from your extractions, leaving you with consistent infused oils or butter every time. Alongside this, an instruction manual and a Magical Cookbook allow you to experiment with the magical butter machine recipes in your kitchen. Magical Butter makes infusions easy. 

The Stainless steel pitcher can make between two to five cups each cycle, perfect for soups, your homemade secret sauce, dressings, and so much more. The kitchen top Magical Butter Machine is such an easy device to use, which allows you to focus more on playing around and experimenting with flavours as a more seasoned cook. For beginners or if you have little time, the machine helps you whip up something delicious quickly and easily at the click of a button. Another highlight is cleaning a magical butter machine... it's self-cleaning!

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