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Leaf-Way Metal Rolling Tray

Leaf-Way Metal Rolling Tray

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This Leaf-Way Metal Rolling Tray is a perfectly flat, black, and shiny metal rolling tray with raised edges to stop spillages. Featuring a  super cool Leaf-Way logo on its front side which adds some bespoke styling and personality to your rolling experience. This tray is perfectly smooth ensuring no precious herbs go to waste during the rolling process. Contoured edges prevent spills and keep the herbs within the tray perimeter. This rolling tray is 125mm x 80mm and is very portable when you are on the move. Ideal rolling tray for beginners and experts alike. This Leaf-Way Metal Rolling Tray will enhance your rolling experience and keep your smoking area clean and organized

  • Leaf-Way Metal Rolling Tray
  • Black Metal Rolling Tray
  • Raised edges to stop spillage
  • Stylish Leaf-Way authentic logo 
  • 125 x 80mm portable rolling tray
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