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Spiral Glass Bong with top mounted glass bowl

Spiral Glass Bong with top mounted glass bowl

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This glass bong includes an internal spiral for additional cooling and a top-mounted glass bowl. Efficient smoke cooling and filtration while also showcasing an eye-catching bong design. The smoke is diffused and filtered as it bubbles through the water due to the elongated pathway provided by the spiral bong design. The mouthpiece is extended so you can view the smoke spiraling as you inhale. The glass bowl is top-mounted and won't spill over as you load it.

  • Large 30cm Glass Spiral Bong
  • Small 22cm GLass Spiral Bong
  • Medium-Tall Glass Bong 
  • Spiral-designed glass bong
  • Extended Glass mouthpiece
  • Rear Carb hole to clear the smoke
  • Top Mounted glass herb bowl
  • Gift Boxed Bong
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