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Kwack Bong

Kwack Bong

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The Kwack Bong looks like a harmless rubber duck for the bath, but on close inspection this is a hardcore smoking device. Piecemaker created this Kwak Bong to include hex-tek technology to diffuse smoke moisturising, cool, clean and purify smoke before it reaches the mouthpiece. It's 14cm Wide and features a stainless steel bowl which includes a screw cap for concealment. The mouthpiece is the duck's beak, The head unscrews allowing easy cleaning of this bong.

  • 14.5cm Wide
  • Easy to clean bong via unscrewable head
  • Stainless Steel bowl with cap
  • Portable and Stealthy Small Diguise Bong
  • Funky Unique Bong Design
  • Integrated smoke diffuser for smooth pulls
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