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Justin Hale

Justin Hale Window Ice Twist Bong

Justin Hale Window Ice Twist Bong

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The Window section of the bong appears on the bong's main top tube just above the bongs ice twist, watch the smoke as it moves towards the mouthpiece. Each window is decorated with neon styles and looks trippy when the bong is smoked. A large kink or ice twist just below the window allows you to add a large chunk of Ice for extra smoke cooling - smoke is forced to increase velocity and distance as it pass around the ice adding additional moisture and extra cooling resulting in a super cool hit! These Justin Hale Window Ice Twist Bongs are 30cm medium-height bongs and feature a removable metal downpipe and herb bowl. A wide base provides additional support.

  • Ice Twist Bong
  • Medium Height Bong 30cm
  • Jet Black Bong with Window
  • Window Bong
  • Removable Downpipe
  • Wide Bong base
  • Authentic Justin Hale Official Logo
  • Easy to clean bong


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