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Justin Hale

Justin Hale Grippa 4 Part Grinder

Justin Hale Grippa 4 Part Grinder

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The Grippa grinder is probably the grippiest Metal Herb Grinder on the market, both the lid and main body have carefully molded grooves that fit fingers and palms perfectly providing a reassuringly high level of grip, particularly useful for heavily used grinders that get sticky. We have this Justin Hale Grippa available in 4 colors, it comes complete with a scrape tool and a mesh catching screen. An authentic Justin Hale logo is marked on the lid so you know this is a part of Justin Hales's official smokeware.

  • Grippa 4-part metal grinder
  • Authentic Justin Hale smokeware Logo 
  • Scrape tool included
  • Molded Grip grooves on the lid and body
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 50mm metal herb grinder
  • Mesh Catching Screen
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