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Justin Hale Glass Percolator Trim Bong

Justin Hale Glass Percolator Trim Bong

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A very tidy-looking bong from Justin Hale, this one has a huge dome with a dual glass layer standing at 30cm tall - smoke passes around the dome between the glass creating a diffused smoke illusion. Its bowl is 14mm for packed-out herb fills. The bong is large and a hefty weight, the dome provides a low center of gravity and uses water to cool, clean, and moisturize the smoke before delivery.

The Dome-shaped bong is an ideal unit to convert for dabbing, just add a 14mm banger, and its job done!

  •  30cm Tall Glass Percolator Trim Bong
  • 14mm large bowl
  • Suitable for herbs
  • Easily converts to a dab rig with 14mm Banger
  • Cools and Purifies Smoke
  • illusion as smoke passes around the dual glass
  • Thick quality Glass
  • Justin Hale Genuine Skull Motif
  • Justin Hale Premium Glass Bong
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