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Justin Hale

Justin Hale Coloured Door Grinder

Justin Hale Coloured Door Grinder

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The main feature of Justin Hales's new Coloured Door Grinder is its magnetic door - just open the door and tap the grinder to unleash your freshly ground herb, no fuss, and no mess, making it simple to grind herb on the road, revolutionary!

61mm 3-part door grinder available in 4 colors, sleek and sophisticated. This Door grinder is a unique and original design featuring an authentic Justin Hale Skull Logo on the lid.  A mesh catching screen in the bottom allows fine herbal to filter through and be collected on the last level! 

  • Justin  Hale Coloured Door Grinders
  • Metal Herb Grinder with catching screen
  • Available in 4 colors
  • 61mm Diameter
  • Mesh Catching Screen
  • Unique & Original Door Grinder
  • Authentic Justin Hale Skull Logo 
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