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Justin Hale

Justin Hale 3D Logo 2 Part Grinder

Justin Hale 3D Logo 2 Part Grinder

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High-quality 3d Logo Embossed Justin Hales Herb Grinders are yours in one simple click. The Justin Hale 3d SKull logo looks like the part on the lid of this 2-part metal grinder. Available in 2 sizes 40mm and 50mm, features razor-sharp herb smashing teeth as standard. The twist-action on this metal herb grinder is smooth and efficient, one twist and your herb is ground into fine matter. Dont delay and buy a 3D logo Justin Hale Metal Herb Grinder today!

  • Justin Hale 3D embossed -part metal Herb Grinder
  • 2 Herb Grinder sizes
  • Smooth twist action
  • Polished ALU


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