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Justin Hale 2-Part Liquid-Cooled Glass Bong

Justin Hale 2-Part Liquid-Cooled Glass Bong

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This 2-Part Liquid-Cooled Glass Bong is an impressive piece of kit released by Justin Hale - It's a tall glass bong with smoking cooling capabilities. It's a 2 part bong - it has a smoke cooler and a diffuser beaker!

The cooler sits nicely on top of the bong and sports a black mouthpiece. Place the cooler part in a freezer or ice box for approximately 1 hour before use. Freezing drops the red cooling liquid to a nice sub-zero level which cools the smoke as you pull. Smoke is forced through an internal spiral increasing the time for smoke to be cooled before consumption. Watch the smoke climb the spiral as it's super chilled ready for delivery.
The beaker bong base has an internal bubble diffuser at its center stopping water from entering the downpipe and also dispersing larger bubbles cooling smoke further. A side-mounted down pipe with an herb bowl sits just below an authentic Justin Hale Badge. An iconic and functional bong from the Justin Hale Premium Smoke ware collection - Handle with care!

  • 49cm Tall Bong including supercooling device
  • 18.8mm socket
  • Side Mounted Down Pipe
  • Beaker Bong with a water diffuser
  • Authentic Justin Hale Badge
  • Red Cooling Unit with Spiral Smoke path
  • Freezable Cooling Unit
  • Black Mouth Piece
  • Justin Hale Premium Smokeware

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