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Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift Screen

Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift Screen

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The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling Tray with Sift screen is a game-changing product that allows you to collect concentrated blends from your smoking mixture that could just save you next time you're dry!

 Santa Cruz Shredder has done it again, uplifting their personal-sized rolling tray design by adding this innovative sift screen to this incredible hemp rolling tray to collect your leftover smoking material from! 

The Santa Cruz Shredder Hemp Rolling tray with Sift screen is the ultimate rolling tray solution, measuring at 19cm long and 14.5cm wide, this tray is perfect for a personal tray that you can travel with everywhere. The tray even has a handy lid that stops any unwanted particles or elements in your environment for mixing with your smoking ingredients whilst you travel. 

Simply set your paper on top of the rolling tray screen and fill it with your dry herb / smoking material. Any kief and resin that drops off can be brushed through the holes using the handy Santa Cruz shredder brush tool, which ensures that you don't miss out on your precious smoking material. The Santa Cruz Shredder rolling tray features intelligent design choices such as the lip that has been designed to help you funnel your smoking/ rolling material into one corner, which makes cleaning & filling your smokes far easier. The tray is also made from 100% biodegradable hemp, ensuring you live the eco-friendly life to the fullest. Hemp is also an extremely strong and durable material, so this hemp rolling tray is sure to last for countless years!

  • includes tray, screen, scraper & lid
  • Perfect travel companion
  • Patent pending sifting screen
  • 100% Biodegradable tray
  • Pour spout
  • Size: Small (7.75" x 5.75")
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