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Justin Hale

Heavy Duty Glass Justin Hale Percolator Bong 32cm

Heavy Duty Glass Justin Hale Percolator Bong 32cm

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Created using the highest quality toughened glass, this glass percolator Bong from Justin Hale is a masterpiece - it's a towering monster at 32cm tall and features a complex design starting with a beaker base chamber beneath a secondary dome chamber before the main glass funnel. This bong features a discreet ice kink near the top if you want to super cool your smoke. The diffuser element built into the bong is fully function and will cool your hit nicely. A side-mounted down tube with a removable glass bowl allows simple loading of this bong.

  • Heavy Duty Glass Percolator Bong
  • 32cm medium height bong
  • Ice kink glass bong
  • functional percolator for super purification
  • Conical beaker base
  • Secondary dome chamber
  • Side Mounted downpipe
  • Removable glass bowl
  • Justin Hale logo beneath mouth piece
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