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Grim Reaper Death Bong

Grim Reaper Death Bong

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Grim Reaper symbolizes death and morbidness, this Grim Reaper Death Bong is a skeleton shrouded in a dark hooded robe, luckily our 25cm Ceramic Death Reaper has forgotten his scythe. Gloss black, with a white skull and skeleton hands, his hat extends to a contoured mouthpiece, and the downpipe sits in his hands. When the herb bowl is alight, the reaper's face lights up and reflects the flame and burning herbs. If you are a fan of horror then this death reaper bong is worth its waiting gold.

  • 24cm Ceramic Death Reaper Bong
  • 16mm metal herb bowl
  • Morbid Death featured Bong
  • Rear Carb Hole


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