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Glass Beaker Percolator Medium Bong

Glass Beaker Percolator Medium Bong

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This bong is a medium-sized beaker bong with an inbuilt percolator for refined, cooler, and purified smoke. Featuring various bong designs that are like no other, this bong is unmistakable - 21cm tall and features an up right bowl for easy loading which is mounted upon a glass down pipe with in turn leads directly to the bong percolator. The mouth piece of this glass beaker bong is colored black just before the design, the actual beaker is clear so you watch smoke move through this Glass Percolator Bong.

  • 21cm tall glass beaker Bong 
  • Percolator Bong
  • 14.5mm glass upright herb bowl
  • Assorted Bong Design
  • Darkened glass mouthpiece
  • Wide flat base
  • Thickened glass
  • East to clean & maintain
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