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Coloured Glass Single Dome Bong

Coloured Glass Single Dome Bong

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This Coloured Glass Bong has a single Dome which is clear leading to a mini coloured dome before its bong mouthpiece. A metal downpipe is side mounted upon the main dome and sports a medium-sized herb bowl. This bong has a rubber base which is extra grippy and a coloured mouthpiece. A rear hit hole allows you to clear smoke from the bong with one chug! Crafted from high-quality thickened glass we are proud to offer this inexpensive coloured glass bong in our range. Add water to this bong to purify smoke before its delivered, as this bong is being used you can watch the smoke bubble and purify through the water before it makes its way up through the bong device. Hit hole release see's the thick smoke become thinner before it vanishes complelty!

  • Coloured Glass Bong 
  • 20cm Glass Bong
  • Coloured Mouthpiece and dome
  • Bong Detachable Rubber Base
  • Side Mounted Downpipe
  • Medium Sized Metal Herb Bowl
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