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Ceramic Pistol Bong

Ceramic Pistol Bong

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Bang, Bang..Will you dare to play Russian roulette with this Ceramic Pistol Bong? You have to point the gun and place your mouth over its end  - scary stuff! I guess it's one way to remind you that death is on its way. This ceramic black pistol bong is free-standing with a top-mounted removable metal downpipe. The Hit hole is near the trigger, quality and detailed sculpture on this Ceramic pistol bong is next to none.  Sure to raise interest and be the talking point of any party, this pistol bong is 23cm tall and manufactured with double ceramic for robustness. Want a taste of danger? Buy this ceramic pistol bong from Bongs & Stuff today!

  • One-of-a-kind pistol bong
  • 23cm Medium Height Bong
  • Dangerous Bong
  • Fun Bong
  • Removable metal down pipe
  • Double Ceramic 





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