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Ceramic Classic Smiley Bong

Ceramic Classic Smiley Bong

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This ceramic smiley bong is sure to brighten up your day - feature's the largest smile and the brightest yellow coloring out there. This spherical smiley bong will sit nicely in your hand, drag from the mouthpiece and use the carb hole located above the smiley face design. The metal downpipe is removable and this smiley bong features a flat base. This joyful smiley bong has an awesome design that will never go out of fashion! Buy your Ceramic Smiley Bong from Bongs and Stuff today!

  • Medium Smiley Bong
  • Medium Sized Ceramic Bong
  • 17cm medium height bong
  • Bong Width: 15cm
  • Removable metal downpipe
  • East to clean and store
  • Flat base bong
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