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Blue Dot Lemon Tree Rolling Tray

Blue Dot Lemon Tree Rolling Tray

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The Blue Dot Lemon Tree Rolling Tray by Lemon Life SC features this incredible intensely decorated rolling tray. The artwork is hand-designed by Jimbo Phillips, son of the infamous Santa Cruz Skateboard designer, Jim Phillips.

The design shows off the notorious Lemon Tree and Lemon Life SC logo in various chilled out activities and different forms; this crazy tray is perfect for any fan of the Lemon Tree strain and brand! 

This Lemon Tree tray is the ideal foundation to roll up your favourite smoking material on or as a base for your vaporizer! They look stunning and is sure to be a talking point or eye-catching piece in your home. Thankfully they've been constructed from durable 100% biodegradable bamboo fibres, so you can rest assured these are eco-friendly! 

Don't hesitate to grab yours, as this eye-catching design is sure to be a collectable alongside the rest of the Lemon Tree line and it's for sure one of our favourite trays thanks to the amazing graphics!


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