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Aromatic Apple Fine Mist Odor Neutralizer

Aromatic Apple Fine Mist Odor Neutralizer

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Aromatic Apple Fine Mist by D-ODR is the optimum odor neutralizer for immediate odour removal. D-ODR Fine Mist is formed of a carefully distributed blend of essential oils that are grounded in nature but refined and enhanced by science.
D-ODR fine mist is a terpene heavy product that has been specifically formulated to neutralise instead of disguising the odor. 

Strawberry Sensation, Aromatic Apple, Clean and Crisp and Lasting Lavender are the four distinct perfume profiles offered by D-ODR fine mist.

The Aromatic Apple D-ODR Fine Mist is environmentally friendly thanks to the use of aluminium which follows D-ODR's pledge to reducing their carbon footprint. 

A pre-mixed 'magic potion' is produced without extra gas being included within the tiny 70ml bottle, making it convenient to travel with or mail. D-ODR is intended to remove certain odours from the air in any size room, whether at home or in a hotel; it is also safe to use on your clothes after tending to nature's many plants.Works outside but not in your garden!

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