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4 Stage Coloured Magnetic Metal Grinder

4 Stage Coloured Magnetic Metal Grinder

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Our 4-part Coloured Metal Grinders are available in 4 different colors and 2 different sizes. These herb grinders are magnetic and snap-tight, a mesh screen is included on the final level to catch and store the finest ground herb. The lid has carefully placed grooves for additional grip. High-quality pyramid teeth do the job remarkably well, one twist and your nugget of herb is blended into fine smokeable matter. 4 Stage Coloured Magnetic Metal Grinder created using the highest quality polished ALU and finished in 4 color choices, each one looks great, our most popular style is the rasta grinder where each part is a different color!

  • 4 Stage Coloured Magnetic Metal Grinder
  • Mesh catching screen
  • Magnetic action keeps the grinder in one piece 
  • 4 part grinder 
  • 4 grinder color choices - Blue, Black, Rasta, Red
  • 2 sizes - 40mm & 50mm


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