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4-Part Metal Herb Grinder

4-Part Metal Herb Grinder

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This 4-Part Metal Herb Grinder is tough and durable - featuring 4 stages or grind levels, as the herb is ground our 4-Part Metal Herb Grinder separates the herb depending on its granularity. Razer sharp Diamond Teeth efficiently grind herbs as you twist the metal stage grinder. The catching screen on the last level catches the finest grind. Our metal herb grinder features an etched metal pattern on the lid side increasing grip power. This grinder is magnetic so you can be sure your herbs are kept inside with no spill. Available in 5 different sizes from compact and portable to go large! Buy your 4-part metal herb grinder NOW!

  • Metal 4 Stage Grinder
  • Cathing screen for fine herb
  • Magnetic Lid
  • Smooth Grinding Action
  • Razer Sharp Diamond Teeth
  • Metal Stage Herb Grinder Available in 4 sizes
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