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30cm Medium Acrylic Bubble Bong

30cm Medium Acrylic Bubble Bong

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Who doesn't need a large bubble bong in their collection? This 30cm Medium Acrylic Bubble Bong is a medium-sized bong with a very large bubble, it's colored but transparent so you can watch water bubble away as it purifies the smoke before it moves up through the bong device towards the mouthpiece. Super cool and super smooth hits are guaranteed thanks to the oversize bubble. A removable base makes for easy cleaning. A metal downpipe is inserted into the top of the bubble for easy loading. Inexpensive and effective this medium-sized acrylic bong with a large bubble is one of our most popular!

  • Medium 30cm Acrylic Bubble bong
  • Large Bubble for extra filtration
  • Removable flat base 
  • Easy to clean bong
  • Metal downpipe and bowl
  • Transparent and colored bong
  • variety of colors
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