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Amazed Pipe Solid Brass thumbnail

Amazed Pipe

You will be Amazed when you use this revolutionary smoking device. It's small, it's solid, it's... sexy. Ideal when your out and about. Made from solid brass. It has a built in fin which cools the smoke down before it reaches you, giving a satisfying toke every time.
Beaded Pipe thumbnail

Beaded Pipe

"Bead" it with a (pipe) stick made with colourful shiny & striped beads. This pretty little pipe is reminiscent of 2 Alaskan marvels - gorgeous native bead work & awe inspiring Northern Lights which dance across the night sky in blues, greens & reds!
Bendy Spring Pipe thumbnail

Bendy Spring Pipe

Light as a feather with a conveniently flexible coil, this bendy spring pipe can be taken anywhere in a flash. Just pop it in your pocket and go!
Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Shotgun Pipe

If taking intense hits of your favourite herbs is your style, then get packing and shotgun those hits with a glass shotgun pipe! The Pass The Bong Crew's got an amazing variety of lengths, all snugly protected in a black box with an interior felt lining!
Glass Spiral Pipe thumbnail

Boxed Glass Spiral Pipe

This is the adult version of those fun, oddly shaped straws with so many twists and turns. This one’s more fun because it’s glass & you can smoke with it!
Glass Shotgun Pipe thumbnail

Glass Shotgun Pipe

If taking intense hits of your favourite herbs is your style, then get packing and shotgun those hits with this glass shotgun pipe!
Jilter Glass Pipe thumbnail

Jilter Glass Pipe

Named after the handy pack of pre-rolled Jilter filters that it comes with, this Jilter pipe is made from pure, safe & clean lab glass scientifically known as Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass makes this pipe wonderfully durable, and has been used by glass artists way back in Ancient Egypt. Don't be surprised if you get the urge to "Walk Like an Egyptian!"
Keyring Bullet Pipe thumbnail

Keyring Bullet Pipe

The bullet shape of this keyring pipe can surprisingly intimidate someone. Believe it or not, some people would actually mistake this tiny pipe for a real bullet! The size and appearance make this pipe both easy to conceal and take in nearly anything, anywhere.
Rasta Special Pipe thumbnail

Rasta Special Pipe

18.5cm Rasta Inspired Pipe
Raydiator CX Titanium Pipe thumbnail

Raydiator CX Titanium Pipe

The Raydiator range of pipes uses space age Titanium components to ensue a cool smoke and pipe that will last a lifetime. Design on side of the pipe may vary from picture shown.
Sherlock Holmes Style Glass Pipe thumbnail

Sherlock Holmes Style Glass Pipe

London's ultimate mystery solving master most definitely would not be the same without occasionally puffing away on his iconic, curved wooden pipe. The shape of this stunning glass pipe is a very close resemblance, and is complete with a magnificent glass-blown design in three beautiful colours!
Six Shooter Pipe thumbnail

Six Shooter Pipe

Six Shooter Pipe with 6 hole spinning bowl
Skull Pipe thumbnail

Skull Pipe

When you're toking on this 3d skull pipe, you might feel as though you are having an out of body experience or taking a trip through the Catacombs! This pipe is not the same old - same old smooth little glass pipe, but a wonder of texture that feels great in your hand.
Wooden Pipe Variety thumbnail

Wooden Pipe Variety

You'll have a cool new pipe to chill with nearly every day of the month from an array of beautifully patterned and formed pipes in this nice selection of 25 wooden pipes.
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