Little Daddy of Contempo bongs
The 1970’s gave us some awesome things: US President Nixon, glitter balls, the ‘C’ programming language, microwave ovens and the Honda Civic. Plus, this groovy bong, which is a monstrous 17 inches tall.

    When Was The First Bong Invented?

    OK it was like in the 16th century or something but the Little Daddy of Contempo Bong designed in the 70’s is definitely the father of modern bongs. It is based on a design from when bongs where in their renaissance and this brilliant design has stayed with us in many shapes and forms, but with this simple timeless basic design at their hearts.

    The Rhino Gifts Team love the 70’s because it produced this timeless classic bog design. It’s a monster too! You can get it delivered discreetly (despite its size) and if you find it anywhere else online then they promise to beat that price.

    Grab The Little Daddy of Contempo Bongs Now!

    NB: Rhino Gifts’ products are not to be used for any illegal substances.

    Classic 70s design
    Blue Transition colours
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