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Dry Ashcatcher 2.0

Dry Ashcatcher 2.0

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The RooR Dry Ash Catcher universally attaches to all bongs providing the joint sizes fits and is at the right angle This handy device slots nicely into any of your existing bongs and captures all the ash stopping it from falling directly into the bong which in turn helps to keep your bong clean, If you want to keep your bong nice and clean then don't hesitate and get a RooR Dry Ash Catcher today! A quick search on youtube can show you just how useful this little piece of kit really is! 

 As well as catching sparks and ash falling into the water of this Dry Ash Catcher, this piece of kit will also filter smoke before it enters your bong, so expect it to be as smooth as can be! Attaching a Roor Dry Ash Catcher will help to maintain and keep your Bong water pipe in Top condition.

The Roor Dry ash catcher is available in 14.5mm and 18.8mm joints. Get the ROOR Dry Ash Catcher 2.0 today from

All products are intended for legal dry herb or tobacco usage.

  • Ash Catcher 2.0
  • ROOR Brand product
  • Two sizes fits all - 14.5mm or 18.8mm
  • Adds an extra level of water filteration to your existing bong
  • helps to keep your bong clean
  • Catches Sparks & Ash
  • Extra Smooth hits
  • Intended for herb usage


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